The Collection

Where are they going? Where have they come from?
All of these zany, hand-drawn characters have varying levels of rarity, including 88 different traits available on The Polygon Blockchain.

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Strong Man Stan

Here it is. Our path through the chaos of the Metaverse. We want to build our project around our community, so if you have any suggestions, we’re all ears.

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Launch Initiated

14th May 2022, 10,000 Strong Man Stan NFT's will be ready to be minted from the Polygon blockchain, stay tuned for the white list!
Instant reveal after mint.

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Relief Fund

5% of mint revenue will be placed into a humanitarian aid fund. Currently supporting refugees from the situation arising from the war in Ukraine.

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Special Release

The release of the rare, super rare and legendary examples from the official Strong Man Stan collection.

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Downloadable Content

Special content will be made available for download on our website to all holders of Strong Man Stan NFT's.

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Launch Metaverse

Strong Man Stan will move into its own space in the NuttyFudgeToffee community in the Metaverse.

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Upcoming Projects

NuttyFudgeToffee's second project "Sky Diving Suzy" will be released.
Join our Twitter @Nutty_Fudge for the white list!

Meet Our Team

Geniuses are few and far between. We know, because neither of us is a genius, and we don’t know any. What we do know is drawing and coding.

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The Designer/Copywriter/Artist

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The Developer/Marketer/CTO

F.A.Q Questions

Strong Man Stan Nft Collection. On Sale From The 14th of May.
We want provide our community with the best quality art at an affordable price That is why we chose a mint price of 3 MATIC (+ gas fee).
If you are planning to hold your Strong Man Stan NFT you will be entered in our community raffle to win an ultra rare example from the Strong Man Stan NFT collection 6 weeks after the official launch.
If you are planning to hold your Strong Man Stan NFT you will be rewarded with FREE exclusive downloadable content on our website approximately 6-8 weeks after the official launch.
Join our Twitter @Nutty_Fudge for the whitelist.
Join Our Twitter @Nutty_Fudge
Save it trade it or sell it. The choice is up to you.
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NuttyFudgeToffee's second project "Sky Diving Suzy" will be released soon. Watch our Twitter space for updates!

Join Our Twitter @Nutty_Fudge